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The Holidays Are Coming! - FBA Sourcing China
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The Holidays Are Coming!

Are you going to be out of stock?

The holiday season is coming sooner when you sell on Amazon!
In order to be ready with Inventory for the season, you need to act now!

Here are some tips we advise from our experience:

  • It is not just the holiday season to take in mind, you should be prepare for the Chinese-new-year (CNY) as well… otherwise, no one will manufacture your goods until after the CNY.
  • The “rush hours” (already) Started slow this month (September, 2018) and will end on February, 2019
  • The longer you will wait, your supplier will receive more orders, productions times will become longer and his prices will raise.
  • Due to the pressure during that time, some suppliers also lower their production quality in order to complete orders faster.

    Be smart and order a head!

  • The closer you get to the CNY, suppliers also tend to add fault goods to orders, in order to get rid of inventory.

    Don’t skip inspection!

  • Shipping costs start to rise today until after the CNY (both air & ocean).

    Plan a head, and save costs!

  • Starting October, pressure at shipping companies is very high. Delays and slower movement of the goods is normal.
  • Ship by ocean will lower your costs!

    You can store your inventory at our L.A. warehouse and dispatch it to Amazon when needed

  • Orders & Payments to suppliers done towards the CNY should be handled carefully! There is a raise in the rate of scams being done at this times.

    Use us to pay your suppliers locally, and protect your money and order.

  • During this “rush hour”, the customs in China ports are more strict, causing another delay in shipments… note, the closer you will get to the CNY, the harder it will be to ship goods containing: liquid, powder, cream, batteries & magnets.

Happy Selling!

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