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Do your prep in China! - FBA Sourcing China
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Do your prep in China!

As a seller in a marketplace like Amazon or eBay, or even if you sell your items in your own private website, you know that one of the most important issues in your business is the quality of your product.

And we are not talking only about the technical quality of the items, we are talking about the way they look and feel, how they are being packed and delivered, etc.

Doing your prep needs in china have many advantages.

  • Avoid defective items loss.
    If you decide to do your prep in the destination country (USA/UK/Germany/etc.), and some of the items are in bad quality or damaged – you will probably loss that inventory as it will not be worth to hassle the international delivery back to the supplier in China. When you do your inspection and prep in China – The goods can be sent back to the supplier either for refund or replacement, before sending them to the destination country.
  • You have the ability to build bundles more easily.
    Just send us the different items from all the suppliers, we will inspect each unit, bundle them together, label and ship directly to Amazon FBA warehouse worldwide!
  • We save you time, and we are cheaper!

With skilled and efficient workers, we do the preparations quickly, and our workers are cheaper than US/Europe prep centers workers… so we charge lower rates, much lower rates!

  • We hold a western management in China.
    communication is easy when we both speak and understand the same J
  • Consolidation of shipments:
    • If you ship, for example, 10 different items from China – you can combine all of them into one big delivery and save money on international delivery.
    • The same goes for samples for a new product, from few different suppliers!
  • Avoiding clearance issues in the customs.
    We hold responsible from A2Z on all our shipments, Air, Ocean & Train. We take care for customs clearance both in the export side in china, and in the incoming side in the destination. No action is needed from you.
  • Drop ship and warehousing in Shenzhen / L.A.
    Want to have more options for sale? Offer your Private Label product with lower price with dropship service from within the USA? We have a great solution for you!
  • We keep you safe – sourced a product/supplier, but afraid to deal with him directly? We can help!

Want to learn more? Send us your inquiry to moshe@fbasourcingchina.com