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Shipping From China to Amazon FBA by Ocean | Freight Forwarder in China
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With our Ocean shipping, you get higher margins on Amazon!

Starting today, you can lower shipping costs using our unique and easy ocean shipping service…

You have a choice

You have a choice, keep on using VERY expensive air shipping or expensive LCL ocean shipping, OR, you can move to the next step of Shipping services for Amazon sellers – Cheap & Easy… no worries on your side, and more money in your pocket!

shipping solutions
cheap ocean shipment
How does it work? Easy:
  • We receive your goods to our Shenzhen warehouse.
  • We ship full containers to LA, acting as the exporters and importers.
    You pay the share of the container you use + customs tax for your goods value.
  • We take care for everything! From loading (in Shenzhen), customs clearance in China, shipping, customs clearance in USA, unloading (in LA) and arranging pickup of your goods to Amazon warehouses.
  • Few clicks in your Amazon seller central, and Amazon pickup service is on the go… the cheapest way to get your goods from our L.A. address!

That is it! Our ocean shipping services are easy, fast and very cost-effective.

Growing Trend

We ocean ship full containers 2-4 times a month, and growing!

So feel free to send us your goods at any point of time during the year… no need to plan ahead.

ocean shipping service
Fast & Cheap

If you want both fast shipment & cheap shipment solution all together, we can help in that as well!

Split your goods; small quantity by air, and rest of the goods by ocean.

FBA Sourcing

Our FBA Sourcing service allows you to lay back and let us do all the process of ordering from Suppliers, labeling, preparing, fix all certifications and ship it.

FBA private label

FBA Private-label is a method used by professional amazon sellers to offer a high ranking items under their own brand, and avoid the buy-box competition.

FBA Logistics

Once your products are ready in our warehouse, you will need to forward them to Amazon FBA warehouses. We can help with the logistic of selling on Amazon.

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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by fba sourcing china.