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FBA Sourcing China


FBA Sourcing is one of the trusted Amazon Sourcing agents in China with years of experience in FBA prep and sourcing services.FBA Sourcing From China is an international company offering FBA prep and sourcing services. Based on Israel-China line, while the side in China is responsible for providing sourcing and preparing products for selling and the Israeli side is handling marketing and administration duties.

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The business model of FBA Sourcing From China was created based on over a decade’s experience in Internet-based business and 7 years offering services for sourcing and Amazon FBA preparations. FBA Sourcing From China office is located in Shenzhen, one of the fastest growing cities in China, known for efficient manufacturing & export efforts.

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China Branch

The Chinese branch is managed by a professional executive nurtured on Western management principles, originally from Israel, who had been Shenzhen resident for the last 10 years.
The Chinese branch is consisted of two main departments:
Sourcing Department

Getting you the best offers from local manufacturers. The prices they’ll get you are lower than if you’d request quote from abroad, you’ll get the price reserved for locals only (rates for export are naturally considerably higher).

Assembling Management

Well skilled team of packers will prepare the order for shipping – fast and meticulously. The timeframe is 1-2 business days after acquiring all the materials.

Israel Branch

The Israeli branch is in charge of the marketing part. A team of expert professionals is ready to provide you all the needed marketing materials – offering affordable prices and the highest value.
The Israeli branch is consisted of three main departments:
Photography Services

Offering you the best shots of your products to intrigue your buyers.

Design Services

To give your products a final, luxurious touch and make it look like the high-quality product.

High Quality Copywriting

If you feel you lack the skills to present your products in the most engaging and enchanting way, best outsourced marketing writers, supervised by the Company, will be happy to create great written material for you.

The team maintains direct contact with each client and the first phase is always getting to know the client and the business needs
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