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Advertising Management

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is the biggest virtual mall ever, your clients are in Facebook everyday, all day long, and your client will see your add without even searching for it – all left for you is to target him and present him your offer in an attractive way.

facebook offer ads for amazon
No matter your goals of the advertising, we can help!
  • Brand building (facebook business page)
  • Community building (facebook group)
  • Grow sales (drive relevant sellers to
  • Create email marketing list.

And more…


Onetime packages:

  • Whiteboard video creation
  • Whiteboard video creation & FB advertising

Monthly packages:

  • Facebook business page management
  • Facebook advertising management
  • Google adwords management
  • Media advertising management (youtube, etc.)

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FBA Sourcing

Our FBA Sourcing service allows you to lay back and let us do all the process of ordering from Suppliers, labeling, preparing, fix all certifications and ship it.

FBA private label

FBA Private-label is a method used by professional amazon sellers to offer a high ranking items under their own brand, and avoid the buy-box competition.

FBA Logistics

Once your products are ready in our warehouse, you will need to forward them to Amazon FBA warehouses. We can help with the logistic of selling on Amazon.

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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by fba sourcing china.