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Legal Support & Secret Protecting Tactics - FBA Sourcing China
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Legal Support & Secret Protecting Tactics

Legal support & secret protecting tactics

No matter what marketing tactics you are aiming for, crowd funding, Amazon, Shopify, offline marketing, etc. If you are developing a new product, you think about production in China… the first thing coming to mind is “How to protect myself from being copied 5 minutes after showing my idea”.

And to tell the truth, that is a real problem we learned and experienced in China in many projects we were involved in. And with time, we developed few solutions, that proved to be worthy and effective.

Patent and trade mark registration in China

Although the bad reputation of China with patent protecting, In the last few years, the Chinese government invested a lot to help foreigners fight copiers and patent breach. So if you want to protect your investment in China, you should do it the right way, with local lawyer who can protect you investment.

NDA and production agreements with suppliers

Part of the solution for working with suppliers in China, and keeping your investment, is using a local wording of NDA, being written and signed by a local Chinese lawyer. This way, the factory and/or supplier, will understand he should not breach the agreement, and your knowledge will be protected.

Choosing the suppliers and factories

There are other ways to protect your knowledge, even without any agreement, NDA or patent. One of them is choosing the right suppliers, the right building process of the final product, and the way you do quality control. We have a wide experience in this field, and helped client protect their invention, without having the need to invest a lot of money in patents, etc.

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