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Amazon eCommerce Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Service
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Amazon Fulfillment Service And eCommerce Warehousing – Automate your ecommerce business

Fulfill orders to worldwide clients, with our global fulfillment center.

amazon fbm fulfillment center
Global fulfillment solutions

With our Global fulfillment solutions, you will be able to focus on expending your sales to worldwide, leaving logistics be handled by our fulfillment centers!

Integration to all major marketplaces

We have integrations to all major marketplaces and ecommerce systems, so all your new orders and later on, the tracking number updates are being done automatically.

shopify fulfillment center
amazon fulfillment solution
Uses of Fulfillment Services

Use our fulfillment services to:

  • Lower shipment/fees on review / blogger “sales”
  • Sell your PL products as FBM and grow margins
  • Sell on other platform, and not just Amazon

And so much more…

Want to learn more?

FBA Sourcing

Our FBA Sourcing service allows you to lay back and let us do all the process of ordering from Suppliers, labeling, preparing, fix all certifications and ship it.

FBA private label

FBA Private-label is a method used by professional amazon sellers to offer a high ranking items under their own brand, and avoid the buy-box competition.

FBA Logistics

Once your products are ready in our warehouse, you will need to forward them to Amazon FBA warehouses. We can help with the logistic of selling on Amazon.

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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by fba sourcing china.