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Shipping from China to US | Fbasourcingchina
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Shipping from China to US

As a private label amazon seller, in most cases, you will source your products in China.

It doesn’t matter if you source your products yourself, or with a sourcing agent, at the end of production, you will need to arrange Shipping from China to US.

Shipping from China to US comes with more than few options, from air express, via air freight and to ocean shipments.

Most of the sellers starting shipments from China to USA, start with air shipments, since they are the easiest to handle: no paper work, no bonds, no hard customs clearance process, and much less headache than air shipments.

Another issue is that in most cases, sellers start with small quantity, like 300, 500 units, and the difference between air and ocean is not so big when the volume is not too high.

And of course, in many cases, the seller want to goods to arrive quickly, so he can start push sales and return his investment.

What most sellers don’t know when searching options to ship from china to USA, is they can combine the the benefits of air and ocean, getting all the positive points from all options.
The process model is very easy to understand:

  • Ship small quantity by air – start sell quickly.
  • Ship most by ocean – and get the best price possible.

And now, you should ask “but what about all the paperwork and headache?”, well, we developed a service that solve this for you!

In short, we combine goods from few clients into one container, and ship it from our facility in Shenzhen, to our warehouse in L.A.
We act as the exporters, and as the importers, so we arrange all paperwork, deliveries, customs clearance, bonds, etc.

And the best thing is we do not have any minimum, like the big shipping companies have, and our pricing is flat, based on the volume of your goods… starting at 250$ as minimum rate.

At the end, shipping from china to US,  from your point of view, will look like this:

  • Deliver goods from supplier to our facility in Shenzhen.
  • We can help in inspection, labeling, packing or any other prep needed, if needed.
  • We split the goods – small quantity is shipped by air, rest is shipped by ocean.
  • You have no worries or need to do anything related to customs release, or any other issue with the shipment.

And the result? You can focus your time of finding more products to sell and marketing of current items you sell. Follow us at Facebook.

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