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Amazon FBA Private Label | FBA Label Sourcing – FBA Sourcing China
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FBA Private Label


FBA Private label is a method used by professional amazon sellers to offer a high ranking items under their own brand, and avoid the buy-box competition.

Whether you do OEM or FBA private label, you will need a set of solutions in the production and marketing field. Our professional marketing team is experience in the fields of creating the marketing materials you will need for your new FBA OEM product, your new FBA private label and all beyond…

FBA Private Label
Packing (bundles, multipack, shrink-packing, inserts, etc.)

Once all the products are stored in our warehouse, we can bundle, shrink-pack, etc. – according to your instructions.

Printing services (package, inserts.)

We provide high-quality printing service for packages, inserts, and more – whatever you need, we got.

We can print any quantity, based on your design, or provide it for you. We print while you’re saving you money.

FBA Private Label
Services FBA Sourcing China
Product Photography

In order to show your new products, you will need professional images of the package, the product itself, focusing on specific unique features in the product, maybe a short video presenting how to use the product… our professional photographer will create you the images you need, and will edit them according to Amazon regulations, enabling you to score the highest points you need in Amazon matrix.

Product Description

If you need help with creating the text to describe your product, we can help with our professional copywriting team. Our team can also help in creating text for your private label website (if you are building it).

FBA Private Label
FBA Private Label
Graphic Design

Our professional graphic designer will create your new logo, package design, promotional flyers, banners, etc. Our designer is working together with our photographer, to create the best looking production, both for online and for the package itself, so your client will be happy with the product he is holding in his hands.

Web Design & Development

If you are growing a new FBA private label, maybe you will want to support it with your own website, and to be able to market your products in that platform as well. A website can help you gain more ranking in Amazon, more sales as a sole platform and to gain information from wholesalers who can be interested in your products.

FBA Private Label
If you’re not interested in the whole range of the FBA Sourcing, you can always receive specific services from us, as listed below. If you have a specific need, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

Our FBA Sourcing service allows you to lay back and let us do all the process of ordering from Suppliers, labeling, preparing, fix all certifications and ship it.

FBA prep services

If you’re already buying your products from Chinese manufacturers, we can provide you different aiding services to ease up the process for you.

FBA Logistics

Once your products are ready in our warehouse, you will need to forward them to Amazon FBA warehouses. We can help with the logistic of selling on Amazon.

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